Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Santa came to the dog show, so we took advantage.  Missy was not impressed.  First I bribed her with some Puffs, but the photos they took when she wasn't crying weren't that great because her hands are in her mouth.  After we were done with the Missy and Santa pictures, I stepped away to bring the dogs in and Missy started crying.  We weren't able to get her to stop, so they took pictures with her crying.  Sad.  It was also sad because the crying makes Pie sad.  Next I took pity on Missy and took her away from Santa.  It was just Santa and the dogs. Ho, Ho, Ho!

My dogs were very good with their stays and also with not attacking Santa.  I watched so Terriers who wouldn't stop barking at Santa.  I think they will be on the Naughty list!  My dogs are on the Nice list. :)  So is Missy.

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