Monday, December 23, 2013

IPO Trial

As I type this, Missy is harassing Pie.  Pie puts up with it, but doesn't enjoy the rough treatment.  It will be nice when Missy understands "gentle."  We've been working on it, but no improvement so far.  When Pie finally gets up and moves off, I tell her good girl.  I don't want her thinking it is her job to entertain the baby and she isn't allowed to move away.  Like it is some kind of test or something...

Two weekends ago our club had an IPO trial.  None of my dogs were entered, but that gave me plenty of time to take pictures and entertain the baby.  I took a ton of pictures but didn't get too many I liked.  Here are a few of the good ones.

She's running towards blind 4, but has her eye on blind 6, where the helper is.

Coming in for her long bite.

I love the smug look on the dogs's face.

Our IPO 1 dog taking a drive.  Look at that full grip!

Nice guarding. 

We had 2 dogs doing their BH (both passed) one dog going for IPO 1 and one for IPO 2.  Everyone passed with good scores!  For the BH, we used Missy in her stroller, while I walked with Fancy as the neutral dog.  Plus the other tests as well.  After the trail we had a catered lunch that was super yummy and that Missy ate everything she could get her little hands on.  We were supposed to have a BBQ, but it was too windy.

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