Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Human Thanksgiving Photos

Missy's First Thanksgiving!  I love the Mommy's Little Turkey outfit Nana bought for her.  I knew she would love this holiday because she LOVES to eat and I was correct.  I also love this holiday because I LOVE turkey and mashed potatoes so it was a great day for both of us!
She couldn't wait any longer so I gave her jellied cranberry sauce to tide her over.  It was a huge hit.

Older younger brother moved to a different state so the family was smaller this year.  

Added the peas.

Mom did a great job with the delicious dinner!

Dad did a great job carving the turkey!

Youngest brother did a great job eating the turkey. :)

Now she's eating the turkey.

She also had stuffing and mashed potatoes and loved them all!

How big is Missy?  Soooo big!

Notice her tray is completely clean and her shirt is a mess.

We read The Night Before Christmas after dinner.

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