Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fancy Mach 1!

Yes, you read that correctly.  This is Fancy's video from her very first Mach.  And mine too.  A special day.  I've always had it, but it is in a strange format (it was filmed on a video camera before they all used flash memory) and YouTube wasn't around when she earned it.  Now we have YouTube and now YouTube supports this file format so here it is!

The man filming didn't know which run would be my Mach so he filmed several runs leading up to it.  His wife can also be heard on the tape.  She was one of my very first agility friends.  She befriended me as a newbie because she ran beardies and Bloom was beardieish.  She just passed away last month.  Agility trials are not as friendly without her.

Yay Fancy!  When my hair was short and Fancy's was long.  I think I need to make the effort to be that skinny again!

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