Monday, January 27, 2014

Flip Pictures

As I mentioned previously, my soon to be new to me house is a flip.  Thanks to the all powerful Oz Internet (or as my mom used to call it way back in the day, The Evil Internet) I found pictures of when the house was sold pre-flip.  It was sold for a whole lot less.  I do not think the current owners put 100K into the house, but what they did do was fix it up so people like me could buy it.  It may not have qualified for financing in it's previous state, but it wasn't nearly as bad as some I've seen, so it might have been ok to finance it.  But people like me would have been daunted by the amount of work it did need, and passed onto an easier home.  So they made money due to my lack of knowledge.  Good for them because now I get to buy it!

Old garage door, old windows and you can't tell, but there was a second large tree in the front yard.

Terrible carpet and paint.  I am going to put up a ceiling fan again.

Old kitchen and the old stove now in the garage.

I'm glad to see a ceiling fan in this bedroom because I wanted to put them up.

See?  Nothing terrible.

Boarded up windows.

Boarded up windows from the outside.
Luckily nothing horrible was reveled by these photos like obvious mold, a missing roof or that it used to be a meth lab.  The flippers did a nice job!

.So far I am still on track to close on time.  The appraisal came in at the correct amount, the termite inspection was done and the termite work will be done this week.  Reading the report I see they are going to do some local treatments but the entire house does not need to be tented.  We are still waiting for the exception for the financing, but everyone seems to think that will come out ok.

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