Sunday, January 12, 2014

Couch vs. Bed

Pie sharing my "bed." I slept on the couch so the neighbor didn't have to hear me coughing all night. The good news is I'm coughing much less this morning.  The couch is pretty comfy, but it isn't a bed.  The other downside is the wall heater made strange ticking noises and woke me up.  The upside is I could cough all I wanted and didn't have to suppress the urge due to waking up the people on the other side of the paper thin walls.

I didn't let Pie up until the morning.  Then when I got up, the second I was gone she moved to the other side and commandeered my pillow!

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Ruth-Elizabeth Page said...

Ah; the eternal struggle...! I sit on the floor - I know my place! ;-)