Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Missy: Fashion Model/ Dog Whisperer

While hanging out at the dog show, Missy showed off her sassy side while showing off a very cute dress Aunt C bought her.  She also engaged in some Dottie training.

But first she learned to drive.

Oh.  Hey there.

Hi Mommy!

Sassy walk.  Work it, work it!

The dog show is alive, with the sound of music!  Dottie approves.  Pie and Fancy are off to the left.


How to keep Missy under control- give her a leash.  How long will this work for?

Missy: I have Dottie completely under control- oh look!  A flower.  Dottie: Sigh.

Dottie: This way, small one.

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