Friday, January 10, 2014

Fancy and the (Dead) Coastal Redwood Tree

We bought this tree when we visited the Redwoods when my mom was pregnant with youngest brother. Over 20 years ago. The tree was in a tube about the size of a paper towel tube. My dad planted it and it has grown ever since. Since redwoods grow in the shadow of the larger trees, my dad built a burlap hut to provide shade. You can see how big it has gotten over the years. Sadly, this last year was too hot and too dry and despite the extra water my dad provided, the redwood appears to have died. My mom is convinced (or in denial) that it will come back to life and so far won't let my dad cut it down. I was hoping 100s of years from now to have a full sized redwood tree in the middle of an old neighborhood. I guess that won't happen.

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