Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beach Vortex

Kinda like the Polar Vortex, only much, much better.  While the rest of the country is suffering, we are having unseasonably warm weather.  I can't seem to buy a house in CA, but at least I can take my dogs to the beach on my lunch break even in the middle of winter.

Fancy was not there because she chooses to not come with us to work.  If she had known we were going to the beach, I'm sure she would have chosen differently!

This is the beach on the Navy Base next door to my base.  Pictures take on my tablet with no zoom which explains the sometimes grainy quality.

Race ya!

Fun in the sun.

Bad Malinois bite and swallow the sea water.  Yuck.



Mugu Rock on the far right.

Awkward family photo.

Loud Pie wants to run, not have her picture taken.

Good dogs.
Pie digs a hole.

Dottie helps.

Then she looses interest.

Dottie was annoying Pie since Fancy wasn't there to annoy.

I like how the wave is forming behind them.

Not as picturesque in this direction.

Wet Dottie waiting to get back into the car.

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