Sunday, January 26, 2014

Agility Trial

I'm hoping to get both Pie and Dottie qualified for Nationals next year in Reno.  The good news is we have until the end of November.  The bad news is my dog showing budget is not what it used to be and to qualify for AKC Nationals you need 500 points!  That is a lot of showing.  The other bad news is that Pie is not as consistent as she used to be and therefore isn't earning the points (or QQs) when she does get to trial.  Dottie was getting more consistent but after our hiatus from her injury, we got out of sync.  I think we are getting back on the same page but she has gotten good enough that my poor handling choices are messing her up. I haven't had any of my runs filmed for a while but I had my tablet today and a friend got us.  Here is Dottie taking first in JWW today.  A bit awkard on the call off on the tunnel.  I didn't decel or cue a turn there, but she covered for me by NOT taking the tunnel and coming when I called and NOT dropping the bar when I called her right over it.

No QQ as standard was too tricky.  Most of the medium and large dogs failed the course.  Dottie landed pretty much on the dw up ramp so she didn't have time not to take it and got an off course.  Yesterday I messed Dottie and Pie up on the same jump in jumpers, but they both Qed and did great in standard.  Here are their pretty blue ribbons.

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