Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dog Show Today

Yesterday only Dottie was entered and she had one bar in each run.  Disappointing because we did everything else correctly.  It was very warm (87 degrees in Dec??) and Dottie was going a bit slower than usual.  When she slows down I think she gets lazy and the bars come down more.  In jumpers a friend said I did a rear cross late (while she was over that bar) which caused her to drop her rear feet and the bar resulted.  The other bar was on a straight line and no one knows why it came down.

But today was a new day.  Pie and Dottie both QQed with first places in standard. Unfortunately both did not Q in jumpers. Pie's mistake was very odd. After I did a front cross she broke into a trot and went right past a jump. A friend watching said I did not cause it and afterwards she picked her gallop back up and finished happily. With Dottie I remembered not fling my arms around, keep my arms next to my side on my fc and not call her on the top of jumps. As a result she kept all the bars up! I also remembered to not pre-cue as I was running into position. However I neglected to say her name and I think she is used to pre-cues so even though I was in place I may have been late and either way she took an off course jump in front of her instead of making the turn. But other than that it was really nice. My favorite part was during her standard run and she had a great turn. I really like the "give up all hope" post turns.  We call it that because your dejected body posture lets the dog know you are not going forward.  If you get too excited on a post turn your dog could launch and go off course.  So by giving up hope he knows to turn tight.

My least favorite part was when my knee when out at the end of the dog walk with Dottie.  I was slowing down so it just went out and back in and didn't hurt that much.  I was able to finish the run with a first place.

Since Pie is now in P, BOTH Mals can get first in the same run!


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