Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Agility Trial

I took a few more photos today. Mostly open and novice because I plan on sending the link to the FB alblum to the competitors at the trial and I know it is the people running dogs for the very first time who appreciate photos the most. I didn't want to disappoint them.

I ended up loading all of the good pictures from yesterday. I was only going to do my favorites- the really good ones but again, I didn't want anyone to be left out. Of course, some people/ dogs are. The dogs running close to my dogs in the run order to not have photos and I do feel bad about that, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Today was a successful trial day. Fancy ran super fast and had a first and second. The BCs who she couldn't beat at 20 inches have followed us to P and now she can't beat them in 16 inches. Darn. But the courses were tricky today so she Qed and they did not.

Dottie ran clean in Standard for her second Ex A Q. Only 1 to go! She almost went in the wrong side of the tunnel which was the last obstacle but I called her and wonders of wonders- she came!

In jumpers she ran fast despite the heat and we almost had a Q except this time she did not come when I called and went in the wrong side of the tunnel. A very tricky discrimination. As she disappeared into the wrong side, I looked down and my feet were still moving forward. If your dog is going off course, you need to stop moving!

I bought all of Dottie's runs and Fancy's runs from today. When I get the links I'll post the videos.

Spent the rest of the day editing the photos, which is pretty silly since I'm not selling them. Kind of a waste of time, yet good practice and also showed me how much work goes into taking and selling photos. I think if I wanted to make money doing it, I'd need to take better photos so I don't have to crop so much, and also get a program where I can compress all the photos at once for ease of uploading. Open, crop, compress, possible color correction, save and do the next one. That is a lot of time.

Here is the second album. I also added photos to the first one since yesterday:

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