Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bunny is Adopted- For Now

Bunny has been testing out a new home for the past week or so. She has not been dumped unceremoniously back at my doorstep so for now it is going ok. I only say ok since she has had some accidents in the house, bullied the resident dog, and ran around in circles. Yes, she always runs in circles, but her new owner was concerned it was related to stress and called it "restlessness." I assured her it is just how she expends her energy and thought that maybe a home who sees it as part of her charm would be better suited for her. But as long as the new home puts up with her, I'm happy to have her keep Bunny.

It is a good home for Bunny so I hope she can hold onto it! Upon further reflection, I realized I might have "ruined" Bunny by allowing her to play with the large Malinois. Because she was so small, anything she did to them was ok. Now that she is living with a dog closer to her size (she is only a few pounds smaller than her new poodle mix friend) when she does the same behaviors it can terrorize the other dog. Hope they can work it out with help from the owner.

Good luck Bunny!

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