Sunday, October 16, 2011

Club Obedience and Agility Practice

Our dog training club had an obedience practice in conjunction with our monthly meeting today. I invited K, then realized it would be good for her dog to get in at least one practice in a show type setting before his first agility trial next weekend, so we added agility also.

I pulled all the crates out of my car, loaded up 5 agility jumps and the folding weave poles. That meant the dog's x-pen and the obedience equipment (broad jump, high jump, bar jump, ring ropes, stakes and baby gates for the go out side) went on the cargo carrier on the back. That thing sure is handy! Sure, all the stuff would have fit in the car, but then Pie would have had to stay home and that really wasn't an option. Fancy rode in the front on the floor, Dottie on the passenger seat (she rides really well- guess she is actually growing up) and Pie had a little bit of floor space in the back.

I left myself 1/2 hr for loading, but with taking all the crates out, it look 45 minutes! I'm happy to let the club use my equipment, but I think next time I'm going to need to get some club members to help me load (and unload.)

K brought my teeter and 6 of her own jumps and a broad jump. Another club member brought a full sized tunnel and tunnel sand bags. We had a great course! A different club member brought her rally equipment. Our little club training day turned into a three ring extravaganza!

We set up at a park at the Channel Islands Harbor. The weather was great and the yachts and boats made a very pretty back drop. A Farmer's Market was going on in the next parking lot over, so at times we had quite a crowd watching us. I took pictures and ran my dogs in agility. Usually I do a lot of "judging" in obedience, but today I managed to skip that. Here are a few of the pictures from today. K took the pictures of my dogs.

Look how this Pap's tail is wrapped around the weave.

Pie was sooooo excited to run! I did her at 16 inches to keep wear and tear off her back. She doesn't care- she was just ecstatic to be playing.

Fancy really is just the cutest thing on 4 legs.

Rottie heeling.

Basenji portrait. So much easier than action shots!

D lookin' really good! Wish the picture was more in focus.

Can't have an obedience practice without a golden. We actually had 2 I think. No wait- we had 3!

Fancy still being cute.

Basenji in rally.

Lab liftoff.

Big ol' rottie.

Cutest pointer ever.


A Harrier in agility?? (He does a really nice job!)

Aussie practicing for her CDX.

Lab doing a good job.

This is kind of a "blooper" photo of Fancy but I just love it. I love it so much I made it my Facebook profile picture. Who can resist her fluffy tail hiding behind the tunnel? (Not me...)

Lab practicing rally.

Young papillon doing a good job.

D again.

And Fancy again. :)

Love those weaves!

Go OUT Dottie!

One of our other goldens practicing for his UD.

The rest of the pictures are HERE.

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