Sunday, October 23, 2011

Agility Trial (Dottie AX!)

Gotta make this quick- I'm tired!


Fancy- Jumpers Q- 4th Place.

Pie- Standard Q- Second Place. Had trouble making it over the 24 inch triple after doing 20 inches a few weeks in a row, so NQ in jumpers.

Dottie- Jumpers Q- First Place, off course in Standard.

K's BSD- First ever show- Standard Q (clean run too!) and First Place.


Fancy- Double QQ. Jumpers- 4th, Standard 2nd. I think this was her MXJ P title, but not sure.

Pie- Standard Q- 1st Place, totally forgot the course in jumpers after running Fancy in standard 2 second earlier so no jumper's Q. Ran really great in both runs- fast, happy and jumping well at 24. But she'll still mostly do 2o P.

Dottie- Standard Q- 1st Place in A (Pie was first in B, Dottie had a faster time!) and her Excellent standard title- AX! Jumper- Beautiful Run, 1 bar down.

K's BSD- Jumpers Q- 1st Place! And standard almost Q. Would have had it but she thought she NQed already so didn't fix it when he went around the last jump. Bummer! Now she is beating herself up for giving away a Q.

I have a few videos of my dogs that I'll hopefully post later. But for now, here is a picture of everyone zonked out after a long trial.

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