Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lombardi's Ranch and K9s in the Park Event

Today was the Saugus Band's Annual performance at Lombardi's Ranch. I performed here 4 years when I was in the marching band and this was younger, younger brother's fourth year. Their marching show is Sound of Music this year. Neat. I watched one performance, walked the scarecrow exhibition with my dad, bought 2 small pumpkins and a gourd, then left.

Getting ready to play.

Doin' a good job on the trombone.

The band and color guard.

Marching out after the performance.

Me and youngest brother. I made him hold one of my pumpkins for the picture and he reported, "Dad made me hold a pumpkin also." Guess great minds think a like. Or at least related minds.

I headed down to the LA area for K9s in the Park, an event to benefit one of the cities K9 unit. There were K9s demos, various booths (I bought a tee-shirt) and you could make a donation and get your dogs speed checked with the police radar. The area was a little small and it took a while for the radar to give a reading, so by that time the dogs were already slowing down. For Fancy it was a basic recall because I didn't have a ball or anything to tempt her to go faster. Even so, she ran 17 mph. Pie was next. The crowd was standing really close and I didn't want her to plow into anyone, so as she came in I made her do a down. I think they rader-ed her as she was going into a down! She was only 18 mph. Later I saw a dobe running slow and he was also 18 and I could tell Pie was much faster than him so I let Pie have another go. This time she was 20mph, which I think is closer to her real speed. Since I did not down her this time my worries almost came true as I tried to slow her down with the toy but she still ended up glancing off the barrier and almost taking down one of the volunteers. I'm glad to say no one was injured. Dottie went next and she was 23 mph. The fastest time of the day! They took our phone number so if she holds onto the fastest time I wonder if we get a prize?

Pie watches the duckie races.

Pie pretends to be a police dog.

Dottie also tries to pretend but she does not pull it off like Pie does.

The K9s demoing some obedience. This is a few cities putting on the demo.

A tactical down.

Shooting stance. Notice the female handler on the end. Her dog is also a female. Someone in the know says both the handler and the dog are the best of the bunch! It is unusual to have a female K9. Most people say the extra testosterone of the male dogs give them an advantage.

Heeling in a group.

Modeling the ballistic vest. Looks good!

Bite demo.

This was demoing what happens if one handler needs help from a second team.

One of the retired K9s got to come out for the demo and get a bite. He was happy to do his job again!

The 9 month old Mal puppy in training.

He was very eager!

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