Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Youngest Brother!

Hard to believe 18 years ago I was in 6th grade and my babiest brother was born. Now he is all grown up. Well, as grown up as the baby of the family (and a boy to boot) can be at 18.

We went out to dinner to celebrate, then home for yummy ice cream cake!

Birthday 18 Year Old. (I don't want to call him Birthday Boy on his 18th birthday, even if it is accurate. No way can I call him Birthday Man. Sorry. Maybe Birthday Young Man.)

Complimentary ice cream birthday sundea. The whipped cream and sprinkles were yummy. I had to do my sisterly duty and dispatch that for him since he does not care for whipped cream.


Traditional family photo complete with ghost. Of course Mom was there, she was just taking the pictures.

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