Monday, November 21, 2011

When Things Work, When Things Don't Work, and When I Fix Things That Don't Work

When Things Work:

I turned the sprinklers to Auto/ Run. I headed outside after 10 pm because I remember my co-worker saying that was 1 of the times he had set it for. Sure enough, the ground was wet! And to prove it was the sprinklers and not dew, there was a bit of over spray on the driveway (due to the shape of the yard.)

When Things Work II:

I used the washer and dryer today. Sure, I've used them before, but never when they are located in the kitchen and I wasn't sure how annoying, loud, or possibly hot it would be. It really wasn't bad. Except for the buzzer at the end of the drying cycle. That was loud!

When Things Don't Work:

My feet got all wet at SchH and I was looking forward to coming home and turning the heat on. But the pilot light was out! It was on earlier. Brrr.

When I Fix Things That Don't Work:

I turned to Google to tell me how to relight it. I had to search a few different pages. It turned out to be easy since I have an ignition switch. No matches necessary. However, it didn't work the first few times I tired. I could see the ignition sparking but it wouldn't light. I just kept at it and it eventually worked. Now my feet are nice and toasty and I will actually have to turn it down before I go to sleep or I will be too hot.

The washing machine is a tiny bit off balance and I can't get the foot to come down. I shoved and old magazine under there and it is better. Not sure if that counts as something I fixed or not.

I suppose I can count the yard as something I fixed, but I should wait for the grass to grow. Or else I will curse myself with "pride before a fall" and it won't grow.

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