Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Injured Pie and Moving Burn Out

Pie got hurt badly enough to need surgery to repair a hole in her abdomen. That was Monday. Today she says she wants to run around and be normal, but the vet says not even any leash walking until the stitches come out. The more she moves the longer healing will take. I'm thankful she wasn't hurt more because it was my fault. Her drain was going to come out today but since it is still draining the vet decided to leave it in until Friday. Pie is wearing a giant cone of shame. She is tolerating it well but right now for some reason she is pacing around and dragging it up against everything

Moving day is this Saturday and I still have some small things that need to go. But I am tired of so much moving. I have stuff in the car right now that I loaded up before I went off to train my obedience people and I was not motivated enough to take it over when I got back. I might unload it at lunch tomorrow when I take a guy I work with to the house so he can give me a quote on putting in sprinklers since the lady lady decided she is not going to do that after all. Pretty hard to get grass to grow with no sprinklers. I know you can't trust people and have to get everything in writing, for for some reason I did trust her. Wouldn't have done much good to demand it in writing since I haven't actually signed a lease yet.

I am trying to decide if I should do sod or seed. No decision yet.

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Katie said...

Oh jeez! Heal quickly Pie!