Friday, November 4, 2011

More Moving Updates

I took a second load over today. These loads are not huge. Just two medium sized boxes each trip, plus some non-boxed stuff. I have 2 more boxes ready to go, plus all my books. I haven't decided when to take the books because I don't want them in the way while moving stuff in.

I finished raking the yard but decided against any more weeding. Except when I spotted a goats head plant, also ominously called puncture vine. Yuck. I'm going to spray weed killer on Monday and I've been told it works better when it is sprayed on a weed. Meaning it doesn't penetrate the soil to kill the roots I'm probably leaving behind. I actually weeded more of the yard than I thought. Which turns out to be a bad thing. I can only hope I got enough of the root to kill the weeds.

The landlady said she is going to put the sod in. She actually hopes to get it in before I move in. We also talked about the fence and she didn't like the kennel panel idea so she is going to pay for the whole thing. Turns out the money she wanted me to pay would be refunded when I moved out. Which is fair. But why put a fence up if I have something that will work? I also offered to try the panels and if they didn't like the way they looked then I would kick in the money they were asking for. But she wants the fence put up now, so decided go to ahead with out my contribution. The negative part is she is only putting in one gate which means to use the yard we'll go out through the garage, then in the gate and into the yard. Not a huge problem, but not as convenient as just throwing open the back door.

As I was raking the renter of the main house on the property wandered around the corner a few times while on her cell phone and eyeballed me. Then the husband watched me as I backed out. Maybe he was nervous I was going to hit one of his three cars clogging up the driveway. I waved. That is my plan anytime they eyeball or watch me. I'd rather not be eyeballed so the waving will show I'm friendly and they can come talk to me rather than keeping their distance and watching. I'll talk to the landlady about the difficulty of getting out of the garage with three cars in the driveway. She did mention they were having car trouble so perhaps one is a loaner or one will be towed away shortly.

Even though I'm mentioning the eyeballing/ watching and clogged driveway in a negative manner, I still think I'll be happy living here. As long as the yard is usable I'll be satisfied. If the goats heads mean every time we go in the yard the dogs get lame, then I will be sad. I am placing all my hopes on the sod choking out the goats head and the thickness of the sod cushioning the current pokers. Time will tell.

More updates as they come and pictures eventually.

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