Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moved the First of My Stuff Today

2 boxes of kitchen stuff which I then unpacked. 3 advantages to this- 1) I won't be unpacking for days 2) There will be room to bring in the furniture and 3) I can use the box again! I also brought over the contents of most of one of my closets. Almost all my books are in boxes but I can't bring those over yet since the bookcases don't fit in my car and I don't want to clutter up room in the house with the boxes. I'll probably end up bringing them soon and just stacking them in front of the door (on the inside.) The main entry is through the garage so I'll put them in front of the front door.

The Fight for the Front Yard has begun. I raked about 1/2 of the yard, and weeded maybe an 1/8th. Or maybe only a 16th. Maybe a 32nd. The yard is pretty much plastered with the goats heads, but there are also other weeds scattered in. The goats head is a very low plant, and right now they are kind of soil colored so hard to spot as well. The plan is to hand weed the hard, then spray. I am leaning towards putting sod down. Planting grass would take a long time and by that time the goat heads would probably be back. Google says goat heads do not compete well so if you plant anything else they will stay away. While weeding I disturbed 2 large spiders. There were also ants. In the 9 years I've lived on my own I've never had an ant (or any kind) of bug problem. The landlady said she was having an ant problem at her house. I better not have one at mine! One of the ladies at work is having problems too. She is having someone come spray. If I spray once on my own (assuming I get ants in the house) and they come back, I'll use a pest company.

The landlady asked me to pay for 1/2 of the tiny bit of fence she needs to put up to fully fence the yard. The amount she was quoted was way too high. Seriously, it has to be less than 20 feet of fence total. I told her I'll just use my kennel panels and the money she was going to spend on the fence she can give to me for the yard. No response yet.

I'm perfectly happy using my kennel panels. No problem there. In fact, if it gets me money towards the 25x50 section I plan on sodding, so much the better!

Drill this weekend and I'm also planning on running out to see youngest brother at a big marching band competition after drill. ffluffy is also going to be in town for a seminar so then I'll run back here to have dinner with her. No packing or moving this weekend, it seems.

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