Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving= Ugh.

Today I filled the Buick up for my most massive trip so far. Actually, the trusty Buick was not full, and could have accepted even more stuff, but I had packed and lugged enough for 1 day.

Fitting in the boxes just so to maximize space.

When you are not using a moving truck, not everything needs to be in a box.

All loaded up for tonight.

Side view.

And now, some pictures of the new place.

From the kitchen/ laundry room looking towards the bedroom/ living room. Yep, it is a studio.

View looking the other way.

Bathroom is not too tiny.

View from the front door.

My very first garage. I share it with a Jeep Forward Control.

The storage closets in the garage where a lot of the stuff is going.

All unpacked and bringing the boxes back to the old/ current house for recycle/ reuse.

Quick shot of the yard. Fence is going up as promised. I plan to weed spray the yard on Wednesday. This is pretty much the whole yard, although it does wrap around the back of the house as well. About 1/2 of that will be the potty spot.

My next load will likely be the contents of the shed that fit in my car. Most of that stuff will be stored in the garage above the rafters. The final load will be fans, lights, chairs, etc. Then there will be a few more trips on the Friday before I move to take things like my computer, DVD player, drawers to dressers, microwave. That will leave only the big items that don't fit in the Buick (but not for lack of trying, I'm sure.)

Now I need to take some Tylenol and go to bed.

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