Friday, November 25, 2011

Nice Hike

Today I took a hike with my Dad and Dottie. I thought less dogs would be more enjoyable for him and since Pie has had her staples and stitches removed yesterday I wanted to give her one more day of restricted activity. Dottie obsesses over Fancy so I decided to leave her home also. It was like Dottie was an only dog.

The hike started on a closed section of road, went through some typical California scrub, then into a narrow, cool canyon, with lots of green growth and some flowing water. The floor of the canyon was cemented in some places for when cars used to drive through to get the the now closed and abandoned campground. If it was not cemented it would have been too eroded to pass through. It was a very nice and scenic hike for the day after Thanksgiving. Not very taxing either.

Starting off on the first part. A closed road.

Obligatory dog on rock picture.

Dad blazes the trail.

Dottie also blazes the trail.

Does this even look like CA?

The concreted in section.

The concrete was wearing away.

Dottie did not mind being an only dog on this hike.

This is what I look like with one dog. Do you even recognize me?


A very scenic and pretty waterfall.

Too bad it was so small.

Neat rock formation that the water flows around.

Dottie found this bottle and carried it into the stream then abandoned it. Everyone knows (except her) that once you interact with trash you are responsible for it. So I made her get it out of the stream and put it off to the side to pick up on the way back. She remembered the location and ran ahead to get it on the way back.

I make a successful jump.

Dottie gets a pet.

One of the many sticks Dottie found and carried.

Palm tree in an odd spot.

Interesting exposed rock face.

Pie did not get to come. She helped herself to the couch afterwards.

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