Monday, November 28, 2011

Open Practice

Dottie's first CDX show is in 2 weeks. I've been doing little things here and there but today decided to get serious.

Today I actually used jumps and set them up as in a ring. Dottie did the retrieve over the jump and on the flat fine. She didn't try to take the jump on the flat. But on the drop on recall she kept taking the jump. I could get to to come straight to me by teasing her with the toy first, but as soon as I didn't do that, she'd take the jump again. I hope to fix it before the 2 weeks is up.

Pie was fine despite not doing any obedience for who knows how long. I ran out of time and didn't practice groups. Pie really needs to practice that though.

Since the grass is still growing in my yard (actually it hasn't progressed to much- disappointing) I had to lug the jumps to the park. I didn't get kicked out for having the dogs off leash so that is a plus. But the park is on a hill and there is no parking near the flattest section, so I had to carry the equipment a little ways. No one should be surprised that the jumps started to fall apart on the way back to the car and I left a little trail of forlorn objects. I made Pie pick up and carry one jump standard, but she was being bad and kept putting it down. It probably would have been easier for me to just go back for it, but by that time it was a battle of wills.

Besides practicing obedience I did a lot of unpacking and putting things away and organizing the garage and putting items in the attic storage in the garage. I hope if there is an earthquake my car is not in the garage or there will be a travel touch board trainer, various wire and vari kennels, fans, a raised dog bed and a folding crate on my hood.

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