Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rampage 2011

My youngest brother is a Senior this year! As mentioned before he is in the marching band and Rampage is the name of their most important competition. It isn't the Championship, or even the biggest one, but it is the only one they attend in their own valley, and it is hosted by their rival school. So it is a point of pride that the school historically does well there.

This year was no different. They got first place in their division and fifth place overall with about 30 bands in competition! That is an extra big deal because they are a small band and it is usually the biggest band who place highest. They still have a few competitions left, including one in my area I will attend next weekend after the agility trial. I think they also attend a Championship. When I was in the band we didn't go to anything like that.

I had drill this weekend, but I rushed over afterwards and made it just in time. I only took a few pictures because I don't know which trombone he was and also because I wanted to enjoy the show.

Some of the cheering section.

Thier theme this year was Sound of Music so they had some great songs. The props are mountains. The color guard twirled brown paper packages (all wrapped up in string) at a certain point. PS- We never had props. I must be getting old if I say "Back in MY day...")

Go trombones!

A very traditional formation.

The "Edelweiss" song was probably my favorite. However, it made me think of (to use a clique- which I always hate to do, but at least I'm aware I'm doing it) the horrors of war, against the beauty of the area, and innocence lost (there I go again) and all kinds of other sad things. Guess that means that it is a very good song. Especially because it was written for the play, and is not a real Austrian folk song. That's good writing.

Here is youngest brother leaving the field. That is him closest to the camera.

I was in the same band from 1996- 2000. We were pretty good too. :) Here is our 1997 show- the only one I could find online. I played the flute. I think 1997 was our second best year. I liked the marching. I like that you can tell when we are crooked and when we get it right.

1996 had the best music.

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Older and Wiser said...

Great pictures and we loved the video from '97. Seems like everything can be found on the internet!