Monday, November 7, 2011

IFCS Agility World Team Member

I know a celebrity! It is my agility instructor and her dog- they made the IFCS Agility World Team. The initials are for non-English words, but it is something about the International Federation of Dog Sports. This is the organization that lets everyone play. So if Dottie and I suddenly became amazing, we could participate on the IFCS World Team, unlike the FCI World Team, which is the team the AKC sends people and dogs to, and you need a 6 generation pedigree. Your dog needs the pedigree- who knows, maybe the handlers do also.

Anyway, our instructor is obviously really good and she made the team and did super at the USDAA Nationals this year and we had a party (a few weeks ago) to celebrate. I had the cake made. It is a picture cake, but I accidentally got a full sheet cake. It was way too much but everyone took some home, I took it to SchH that week, and took the rest to work and it was gone before the weekend. The picture makes the cake look smaller than it was. But the good news is now I know how to correctly order a cake.

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