Monday, November 21, 2011

The Never Ending Move

I'd classify my first move as the easy move. Not only did I only have a bed, a desk and a tiny book case (and I was also sent away with a computer desk and a couch) but I think I was at drill that weekend so my dad and brother loaded up the truck without me. Then when the truck arrived at the apartment, I had people at drill with me help unload it.

I don't remember the move into my next apartment. Must have been uneventful.

The move to the guest house my dad helped again (thanks Dad!) For the last time, I believe. Probably the need to remove the door from the hinges to get the fridge in had something to do with it. I think older younger brother came also, but I don't recall. A friend brought her large SUV and took lots of the boxes. That move wasn't horrible.

Next, when I moved into the duplex for the first time my move was not bad. But a friend (at the time, apparently we are not friends any more) was moving into the other side the same day so we helped her move also and shared a truck. The problem was she had not packed! She was wrapping up glasses and putting things in boxes before we could carry it out. Both brothers left after moving me because they couldn't take it. I don't blame them one bit.

When we both moved out and into another duplex we shared the truck again. This time she was packed, but we decided to hire moving help. I had moved all my little stuff a head of time but she had not. So the movers spent all day moving all her stuff, including tiny items we could have moved, then they went home at 5 pm, leaving my stuff unmoved!

When I moved out later, I hired a guy I work with and his brother. They were hard workers, but had no clue about using space in the truck. This move took a while due to this being the first time I had a full set of agility equipment to move. As with the previous 3 times, I also hired someone to clean my house afterwards.

And now we are to the Never Ending Move. This move I hired two high school guys related to one my co-workers. The move itself took maybe 4 hrs. The first load was quick, but again, moving all the outside stuff took so long! And that didn't even include the large agility equipment. K came for that later, and we are storing it at her house.

I can't imagine how long it would have taken had I not moved all the boxes first. While we were moving, my co-worker was at the new house putting in a mini-sprinkler system. I picked up the parts on Friday. It is really neat. I have a mini-controller that hooks up to the spigot on the side of the house, then he ran pvc along the house and to my little yard. He buried the line in the front of the house to make it look better and to keep it out of the sun. Then there are 2 sprinkler heads up against the house. Basically it is just like running a hose out there, but it looks better and it is automatic!

Not only is the move Never Ending because I moved stuff for 2 weeks a head of time, then it took longer than I hoped on the move day, but the day afterwards, I STILL had stuff left. I don't know why I didn't move everything on moving day. I think I was trying to hustle the guys out.

Then, the next day, I still had to clean the house. I didn't finish cleaning it until today. I had to borrow an impact wrench to get the earthquake straps out of the wall. I think I did a really good job cleaning up. It is cleaner than when I moved it, so I hope to get my full deposit back.

Tomorrow I will pick up the rest of the items.

And yet, the move still will not be done because I have tons of stuff to still unpack at this house. How is that possible? There is so much stuff in the garage shoved in random places, but that will wait until I get the house organized. The "bedroom" and "living room" and bathroom are all good. It is the kitchen that is unorganized with boxes everywhere. And to make things move slower, I also started getting anxiety that my correspondence course with the AF is going to be due sooner than I think, so I need to get on that. Studying will take president over unpacking. I even had my recurring dream that I am in college at it is the last month of the semester and I have a huge project/ capstone due and I haven't even started it and there is no way to get it done with all the reading and source documentation. That is my deadline anxiety dream. My other dream involves my jaw being stuck closed and when I force it open all my teeth fall out. Gross and it hurts. Haven't been able to decipher that one yet.

It has been a very busy month due to the move and it isn't over yet...

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