Sunday, November 13, 2011

Agility Close to Home

I love agility at this park. It takes me about 5 minutes to drive there. Maybe 7 if I get all red lights. I was worried we might get rained out this weekend but the rain was not enough Friday night to flood the grounds. So we got to play!

K was sick so she was not able to make it.

Dottie ran in excellent all weekend and had no Qs. She had some bars down, popped weaves, and an off course caused by poor handling. Also a teeter flyoff and a rear cross gone bad but both of those happened after we had already NQed. After we have blown it, I tend to try handling options I would not do in a clean run, and they usually don't work. But it doesn't matter and the upside is it shows me what she does and doesn't know.

I know I keep saying I expect to start Qing consistently any day, but soon it will change to, "I expect to Q any day." Forget about being consistent! But Dottie is still young and 1/2 the time it is my fault anyway. Today the bar down and the popped weaves were her fault.

Pie Qed in both of her Open P classes and got her Open Standard P title.

Fancy had a great, fast jumpers run until I pulled her off a jump. She was clean with a first place in Standard. No QQ for us. She was not entered yesterday.

After the trial one of my friends invited me to walk in a location I can only walk when she invites me. The access to the river bottom is through some family property. However, today the gate was locked and she didn't want to go home for the key, so we ended up sneaking in like any other hooligans who don't own the property. The dogs got to run, and run and run, and we never even made it to the river. Pie pulled her disappearing act twice. I have to keep a bell in the car for her. She comes back. Eventually. I don't know if she starts coming when I call and it just takes her a long time to show up since she is far away, or if she waits to see if really mean it. She is panting hard when she re-appears, so sometimes I think she comes right away, it just takes a while. Fancy and Dottie were very good and Fancy even managed to not get too dirty. The dogs needed that run. I took the Mals for a bike ride yesterday since they have been so hyper, but even that couldn't compare to this great run. It was just what they needed! And I had fun too.

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