Sunday, July 15, 2012

WVDS Day 2

Dottie earned her AD- Agility Dog- title yesterday. That is the novice level in USDAA and you need 3 legs in standard, and 1 leg each in jumpers, gamblers, pairs, and snooker. Today she also picked up her first advanced standard, jumpers and gamblers legs.
We did not Q in snooker  because I went the wrong way on a jump in the closing.  We didn't Q in Grand Prix due to a handling mistake, and yesterday we didn't Q in steeplechase because she couldn't stay in the weaves and I eventually gave up and left.
Here is our advanced standard leg from today.  I should have more videos later.
Dottie ran very well all weekend and I was very pleased and had lots of fun.  Except for the lack of weaves in steeplechase.  I don't know what caused that.

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