Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Illegally Cute

One of the members of the SchH club always feeds Fancy hotdogs when she walks past and Fancy is waiting in the car.  In the new car, for some reason Fancy likes to hang out on top of her crate in the back, as opposed to sitting in the front like normal.  I keep the sunshades up, so she puts her head out of the window, and around the sunshade.  In this picture, she is making use of the front foot to appeal for more hotdogs.  Our hotdog feeding friend took this picture.

Speaking of SchH, the RH-E, which is a Rescue Dog Suitability Test, training is going well.  Pie and Dottie are training for it.  Fancy is afraid of the gunshots, so she can't train.

Individually, Pie and Dottie are sent into the orchard, and they search around until they find the victim, then bark to alert the handler (me.)  I hone in on the barking, and then I locate the victim also.  Pie loves it because she gets to run, and bark, and not bite anyone!  Our victim says Pie is really good because she was laying down barking, making the victim see she is not a threat.  But Dottie is hoping the victim tries to make a run for it so she can chase him down and bite.  (Don't worry, Dottie won't really bite anyone without a SchH sleeve on.)  He joked that if he wasn't a victim to begin with, he would be after she got done with him. 

At the last training (only Pie's second time- Dottie has been doing it longer) Pie ran into the orchard, then started air scenting and ground tracking.  As she got closer to the victim she tracked more.  He said she never saw him, and tracked right up to his feet, then kind of jumped back in surprise when her nose hit his feet!  Funny Pie.  She found him!

We were supposed to do Dottie's RH-E at the trial with the FH, but it was canceled, so now Pie gets to train also and we'll give it a try at our August trial.

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