Saturday, July 14, 2012

Street Fair

I've lived in this town almost 10 years, and this is the first year I made it to the Street Fair.  I tried to go one year, and I walked all the way from my apartment with Bloom, only to be stopped by a sign that said No Dogs.  ffluffy, kiltman and I went, and we didn't take any dogs, but it seemed they changed the rules, because there was no sign, lots of dogs, and vendors selling doggie items.  Oh well.

We thought it was a hit.  Carnival rides, food, vendors, and  games.  I played the dart game and popped 2 out of 3 ballons and won a little fish (toy.)  Cute!

The city namesake and I.

Interesting catering truck!

We went on the Ferris Wheel.

We did not go on this!

ffluffy and kiltman on the Ferris Wheel.

Nice views of the city from the top.

The ocean.

Cotton candy on the wheel.

Watching a guy try the strong man thingie.

I thought this llama in the petting zoo was cute.  I wanted to pet.
They had camel rides.  We did not partake.

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