Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House Drama

I made an offer on the house that isn't on the MLS.  Driving home after work on Sunday I saw something that made me think I just missed an open house at "my" house.  The house that I'm not allowed to see until my offer is accepted.  Something is fishy.

I told my realtor and she contacted the selling realtor, and he told her that he received the offer, but he refuses to present it because he only wants to present offers that he is representing.  Totally unethical and against the Relator Code of Ethics.   I want to put a note in the seller's mailbox, telling them their realator is terrible and they need a new one.

My realtor is trying to figure out what to do.  Right now her plan might be to get involved one of her part-time co-workers who also works for the same company as the selling realtor.  Not sure how that will help, but she is working on it.

Of course the selling realtor would prefer to represent both the buyer and the seller.  But too bad, dude!  It isn't going to work out for you.  Jerk.  He's not going to get any commission if he keeps this up, since the foreclosure date is looming.  He'll miss out on the selling commission if the bank takes the house.  And I'll miss out too since it will probably go to action and I can't use a VA loan at an auction.

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