Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fancy is 9 Today!

Which also means I adopted her 7 years ago today! She has not slowed down at all, and is actually running more yards per second in agility than she did as a youngster. Titles in 4 different sports (agility, obedience, tracking, draft, and rally but that is the same as obedience) and making the finals in 3 national events (twice at the Agility Invitational and once at the Agility National). Also very snugly. Not bad for a dog dumped at the shelter for "escaping." What would I do without her?  Happy Birthday Fancy!
9 year old Mach 4 M's Fanciful Endeavour UD RE XF MXP MJP2 MAD TR2 NDD and the new agility "metallic" tittles I don't have memorized yet.


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Urban canines said...

Happy Birthday Fancy!