Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dottie USDAA Title

In USDAA, you need 3 judges to get a title.  This is annoying since most USDAA trials have 1 judge for starters/ advanced and 1 judge for masters.  Unlike in AKC where the judges swap on the second day and you can get 2 judges in 1 show.  In USDAA, you will only get 1 judge per show.  After her first trial, Dottie only needed one more standard leg in starters to move to advanced.  But she needed 2 more judges. 

I was lamenting this fact to one of my friends, and she volunteered to run Dottie at the local trial I couldn't attend since I was working.  I was a bit surprised since this friend is not overly adventurous, and has said my Malinois would scare her, except they are so nice.  I happily accepted, only to learn later that she thought I was talking about Fancy.  However, she decided to stick with her offer, and run Dottie.  We got together once to practice and it went fine. 

She took Dottie to the show on Friday, and Dottie qualified and got first place!  That was her Starters Standard Agility title- SSA.  Now she just needs one Q in any one of the games with a new judge.  We should be able to do this on Saturday of this weekend, then we can move up to Advanced in everything for Sunday.

Here is Dottie displaying her pretty ribbon.  Thanks JB!

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