Thursday, July 19, 2012


I was watching a small dog this week.  Dottie and Chipper love to play.  I am also watching my parent's puppy Kerby.  Dottie and Kerby love to play also.  And finally, Chipper and Kerby love to play even more.  Also, ffluffy is here and everyone loves to play with her dogs, including her puppy Peep.  Chipper has so much energy he outlasts Dottie.  But Chipper and Kerby actually tired each other out. 

Kirby and Chipper.

I had to bathe Chipper before sending him home because of all the playing.

Dottie and Kerby.
Tired pups.

Everyone is tired.

But then there was more playing.

Peep and Kerby.

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