Friday, July 20, 2012

Agility Trial Day 2

Day 2 of the longest trial ever.  I wore my knee brace again today even though my knee felt fine.  It didn't hurt like yesterday, but I wanted to make sure it didn't try any funny stuff.  Probably I should wear it all the time, but I pretty much gave up after the time I was wearing it at the trail in Costa Mesa and I hurt it worse that it was ever hurt previously.  That and I really should have one for  the other knee too.  Oh well.

Last day of running all three dogs- the rest of the weekend it is just Dottie.  I was hoping for another QQ for Dottie.  Of course I always hope for that, but this time I was more hopeful since she did so well yesterday.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  The Standard course was pretty tricky and very few big dogs qualified.  Dottie had a back jump on the tire.  Strange.  Then in jumpers we had 2 bars which was disappointing since it was such a great run (other than the ending where she reverted back to old Dottie and just gave up.)  I took her back and made her finish, then had our normal happy tugging so she can learn that even if she messes up it isn't the end of the world and she should keep trying.

Dottie Standard

Dottie Jumpers

(Great weaves, I thought.)

Pie ran amok in standard.  This is Mach 2 Pie who is closing in on Mach 3.  But if we keep having runs like this we will never get there!  It was crazy- one mistake after another.  But the good part was she had so much fun.  Barking at me, and running with zest.  I wasn't upset, just sort of in shock.  She has been running slower recenlty, due to her fused back.  You just don't move as fast when your back doesn't bend.  But this crazy Pie was like the Pie of old.  Fast and powerful.  Not sure were the crazy came from!  In jumpers she reverted back to not holding her start line and got right on top of the first jump.  She made that jump but clobbered the second one with her back feet.  I told her to be careful and we went on and the rest of the run was great.  No QQ this weekend for Pie.

Pie in Standard

Pie Jumpers

Fancy was the steady star today.  She ran fast and clean in both runs.  She is so cute!  I watch our videos and want to scoop her out of the video and pet her all over.  Luckily I can pet her in real life instead.  I love her curly tail and her happy face.  Adorable!  ffluffy's comments and songs on the videos are fun too.

Fancy in Jumpers

Fancy in Standard

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