Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day One West Valley Dog Sports USDAA

Dottie was in starters in all the games, and advanced standard.  We did not have a very high Q rate today.  We won starters gamblers and next was steeplechase.  Dottie tried to weave 3 times but couldn't stay in the poles, so we left.  I wanted to run that course, but she wouldn't do the weaves correctly, so I couldn't go on.

In advanced standard I had an off course due to a front cross that I had to send her away to make sure I got in the correct position.  I think once I send her away, she wants to keep going away! 

Jumpers was our last class of the day.  I ran ffluffy's young BC Bob since she had been injured seperating some fighting dogs and had to go to the Urgent Care for a tentus shot.  Poor ffluffy.  Bob ran really well for me!  I've never run him before, but he listened well and didn't run off.  Good boy Bubs!  Here is the video.

Dottie also ran well in jumpers.  She hit the third bar but it stayed up.  No doubt caused by my front cross.  This is Dottie's video. 

Dottie earned her AD- Agility Dog title- today.  I moved her up into advanced for everything tomorrow.

In between the show and the Street Fair, the "guest dog" I'm watching for a few days had a great time playing with Pie and Dottie, and for some strange reason Fancy even played with him for a few moments!  He is a Westie/ Malteese mix and is hyper.  He's very sturdy, so I let him play with the big dogs, under supervision only.  They all ran and ran and ran and chased.  I got a few pictures with my tablet.  Maybe I'll see if I can post them later. 

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