Monday, May 28, 2012

Unexpected Loss

The BLM Mustang I rode on a trail ride a few months back was killed in a trailer accident today.  His owner and owner's friend and dogs are all ok, but his owner's other horse who was also in the trailer was injured.  I read about it on Facebook.  I had the pleasure of riding him since his owner was too ill at the time to ride, and she needed other people to exercise her horse.  She is now well enough to be riding again, which is a blessing, but to loose a horse in an accident, especially after being so sick, is a terrible thing.

I believe animals get to live on after death.  I don't know if this is true for every mouse in the field, and every hawk in the sky, but I do know that love is the greatest force in the world.  Love is sharing your heart and soul, and if an animal is lucky enough to be loved by a human, or to love a human, a part of our soul is shared with them, and through that human soul, they live on.  Maybe that is sacrilege, but that is what I believe. 

Tragedies like this remind us to treasure every minute we have with our animals.  Maybe they chewed off a piece of the cabinet, (and maybe they didn't), maybe they ate the Pope Rosebush, and maybe they went for an unauthorized swim in the pool, but when the years have passed and the pet is gone, it isn't the chewed cabinet, eaten rosebush or fuzzy pool that will be remembered, it is all the times spent snuggling on the couch, all the hikes hiked, and comforting presence that will be remembered, longed for and missed.

Until you meet again...

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