Friday, May 25, 2012

Dottie Turns 3!

 Actually not until June 1st, but I got confused and thought today was June first. I already took the pictures so I thought I'd post them early!

Not bad for three years old: IPO 3, CD (1 CDX leg and just need to enter another show), TD (ready for TDX, couldn't get in any trials), VCD 1, AX, MXJ.

But first, a review of what she used to look like:
Her first day out of quarantine at 4 months old.

Looking very cute on her first beach trip as a puppy!

Being small next to Pie. 

Bacon (who is now living in Boston) and Pickle help celebrate her first birthday.

Looking  more mature at 1 year old.

Dottie at 2 years old.  I think she looks the same as she does at 3.

3 years old and looking good!
Maybe if I look happy it will be over sooner?
I'm guessing she will get revenge at our next big event.
I am SO done with this!
Her sisters help her celebrate.

Fancy starts to loose her hat.

Going.... more....

Poor Fancy.

Now I'm happy.

I brought a cake to training night.  Any excuse for a cake!
There was only 1 cake, but Blogger is odd.
Dottie took the jump in her hat, but the low light made it blurry.

Some of the club dogs also helped us celebrate.

See the link at top for those pictures.

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