Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sleeping Dogs

I haven't abandoned this blog, I've just been busy with work, and don't have much to report on.

But since I do want to post something, here are some pictures.  I take a lot of pictures of my dogs sleeping or using beds.  Most of  these pictures have been seen before, but here are a few of my favorites.  None of these photos were posed.

I have many more of Pie sleeping oddly, but they are on my older computer.

Pie sleeps on her back a lot.  With all 4 feet up in the air.  Even better when it is on the couch.
Dottie sleeping on the bed, and Hanky on the floor at the IPO Regionals.

She was asleep but woke up when I went for the camera.

Dottie trying to imitate Fancy.  Love the bone that she had been chewing on.

No bed for Fancy this time.

Once again coming off the bed.  This is one of the expensive ortho beds.  They are really comfy!

At the IPO Regional Hotel.  She got up here uninvited and took a nap.

Pie is too silly to be allowed.

Remember- not posed!

Another bed, another Pie picture with her head off.

Shhh... the puppy is sleeping.
Dogs are not supposed to be on the bed unless I invite them, but Pie doesn't agree.

Dottie using the dog bed.  What a concept. 

Pie on the couch with a pillow and a foot over Dottie.

A lot of times Pie falls off beds.

Fancy mostly sleeps in a ball.  This was at ffluffy's house.

Noone knows how Pie fit in this tiny dog bed.

Dottie taking over ffluffy's bed in the trailer.

While Fancy makes do under the bed.

They woke up after I got a few pictures, but even away they provided some good shots.

Both Mals alseep on my bed.
Pie.  Again.

Fancy doing her customary "ball."  This was probably 4-5 years ago.

And this time a shaved Fancy.
Soon after I got Pie.  Bought a nice big bed for her, but she insisted on using Fancy's.
The sad thing is Pie hasn't slept in a ball for a really long time, on account of
her spine being fused. 

Actually using her bed, but choosing to not fit and using my sandal and a toy for a pillow.
All 3 current dogs napping at once.
Bacon being out of chronological order.  I left him in the car and came back to find him napping here.

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