Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today was a bad day for Belgians hurting me.  First Dottie's dew claw struck again, leaving me with a bloody gash on my inner thigh.  Probably I shouldn't play tug without pants on.  But sometimes it is too nice to be in pants!  Next I was trying to make Pie feel better (since she wasn't entered) and I had her out playing tug with the leash and she came snapping up the leash and snapped my bosom!  And on top of that my right bicep was sore, which I thought was odd since I didn't do anything to make it sore, but then I remembered that is where Pie bit me (accidentally, of course) the other night.  It only has a light bruise.  Next time I'm getting a papillon.

In better news, Dottie was so good all day!  She will never be the fastest dog, but she was focused and listening and running at a good speed for her.  She Qed in everything except Grand Prix (which is a tough standard course with no table) but even then she did everything right, I just called her over a bar and it came down.  Good Dottie!  (Everything= starters standard, jumpers, gamblers and snooker.)

Neither Fancy or Pie were entered for 2 reasons.  1) Focus on Dottie and give her the time and attention she needs to be the best she can be.  2) Save money.

I put Dottie in championship, which jumps 26 inches.  That means the legs we got at 22 inches don't count so we are starting over.  She jumped 26 inches fine.  She really is a nice jumper.  I think her poor conformation actually makes her a nice jumper.  I know that doesn't sound like it would be true, but she doesn't jump like other Malinois, nor is she build like other Mals.   So that is the conclusion I came up with.

Tomorrow is USDAA again, then we are taking a hike on Monday, if all goes according to plan.

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