Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yum, Yum, Yum!

I cooked chicken pot pie for the first time on Saturday night.  Most of you know my cooking consists of frying ham and nuking a baked pototo.  Also scooping out the cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies and breaking open 2 eggs and mixing up the brownie batter out of the box.  When I still lived in the Rosewood Apartments I did make pepper steak.  That was yummy and I should try it again.  Other than that I eat frozen food or eat out.

For the pot pie I bought the pre-made crusts, canned peas and a pre-cooked chicken.  I did peel the potato myself.  

My first mistake was after putting the bottom crust down I put the peas in first.  They should have gone in last, because now they were forming a carpet on the bottom.  It was a pea layer.

Next I put in the chicken and then the potatoes.  I finished it off with the chicken broth.  Due to a misunderstanding, I didn't buy enough, and that was the one thing that didn't turn out quite right.  That and the layer of peas on the bottom!

I almost didn't have enough crust, but I made it work.  I let it cook for 2 hrs.  Even with the tin foil on the sides, the sides got a bit crispy, and the top turned out flakier than when my mom makes it.  Also, it was very thin.  My mom's would have had more substance.  However the potatoes were very soft.
Ready for the top crust.

Ready for the oven.
All done!
A bit thin.
Does it look like a picture you'd see in a menu? 
Still, it was good, and I had leftovers for lunch Monday and I'll have them again tomorrow and will skip Wednesday but eat them on Thursday and possibly Friday.  I made a lot.

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