Friday, May 25, 2012


My youngest brother graduated from High School on Wednesday! The class of 2012!!! (He is 12 years younger than me, for those who were wondering.)

Congratulations to YB! (Youngest Brother.) He is a fine young man and upstanding citizen, AND an Eagle Scout.
Crowd of well wishers.
All nice and orderly.  Over 500 graduates.  And that is just one of the local schools!
Shaking principal's hand.
Brother and parents.
Brother and sister.

L to R- family friend, brother, graduating brother, Mom, me, Dad.

After the graduation we headed out for a late dinner.
He liked the smilely face I drew.
Free sundae and I brought the giant balloon!

He is now off to the local community college where his 3 siblings started before heading to the 4 year university.

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