Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday of Happy Dog USDAA

Our runs from Sunday, minus Pairs.  We Qed in that, and ran clean, but the batteries died, so it didn't get recorded.   The last run is filmed on my tablet.  The quality is very clear, but you can't zoom in.

Dottie was good AGAIN today!  No running around jumps, blowing me off, acting disinterested- none of it.  She got every single weave entry AND stayed in the entire time, minus one.  That is really good since USDAA has a million weaves for a weekend.  I'm so proud of Dottie!
4 Qs per day!  2 standard, 2 jummpers, 2 gamblers, 1 snooker and 1 relay.

Fancy was not impressed with the lack of cookies.  She did get some, just not as many as she would have gotten if she was entered.

Dottie snoozing on the couch (loveseat, really) after her long day of agility.

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