Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Car Shopping

2 friends and I headed out to the local dealerships to measure vehicles. We measured a lot, but we didn't test drive any. It is all about how many crates will fit! The salespeople think we are crazy, and don't always do a very good job of hiding their feelings. The guy at the Hyundai dealership was my favorite, but they didn't have any vehicles big enough for me. I don't like any of the SUVs- either they are too big and don't get good gas mileage, or the seats fold down, but take up too much room. My requirements are very specific. I want something that will fit my current 3 crates (which means it must be at least 49 inches wide in the interior rear) AND allow 1 rear seat to remain in. In the Buick Rendezvous I have now, if the rear seat had a 40/ 60 split, I might meet that with my current car, but it is in fact a 50/50. I want roll down windows in the rear and it must get the same or better mpgs that I get now. Which pretty much leaves a minivan. Unlike my esteemed mother, I am not anti-mini van, so I'm not upset by this news. I just wish they were cheaper. The Honda Odyssey is the highest ranked mini-van, but it isn't wide enough in the rear for me. It is out. Neither Ford or Chevy makes a minivan anymore. The Dodge and Chrysler don't have roll down rear windows or maybe they weren't wide enough or the seats didn't stow flat. The Kia is fine and the price isn't bad, but it looks like a 90's model vehicle. Still, I'd rather have an ugly car and save money, so it could still be a contender. Overall, the best van was the Toyota Sienna. Everything was very good and to top it off, it was the only mini-van I saw that had the windows furthest in the rear (in the cargo area) that are the kind that pop open. Extra air flow in the back! I've been doing lots of pricing on line and found a 2012 model for the same price as a used 2011. Turns out the 2012 is a 4 cylinder. The general consensus is that is not ideal. However, if I buy new I can get 0% financing. You can't beat that. The new 2012 6 cylinders are more than I want to pay. There is a certified 2011 with low mileage at the dealership by my parent's house where I will be this weekend. If it is still there, I will check it out. Too bad it is white. White is not an ideal color for me because it is boring and it really shows the dirt. Silver or a subdued gold (such as I have now) really hides dirt well. I cleaned the trusty Buick out today in case any one comes along who wants to buy it. It isn't perfect, but it is so much better. I bet my gas mileage improves by 50%. It will be so much lighter with all the junk I pulled out! Here are the pictures I posted with the Craigslist ad.

What a good looking car.
I'll have to take a better picture in the daytime to better show off the cleaning job.

This car might be roomier than my studio.  I do have the seats to put back in.

It would be better to wait until closer to the end of the year to buy so the prices come down a bit, but it seems the Buick may be on it's last legs. It was idling rough today, and I noticed the tires are going to need to be replaced soon. Buick for sale- cheap!

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