Sunday, April 29, 2012

Car Shopping

I had a post but my computer hates me so it is gone. I even copied it before publishing because I was getting strange errors, but that didn't work either. Grrr... my internet is so slow nothing will come up, and when I search Google and find a page I want to view, I get 404 Error not found for every single page. And then my post gets eaten! Summary of the Lost Post- I'm looking for a car to tow a travel trailer since the Buick is getting elderly. The Suburban won't work but the Toyota Sienna or Ford Expedition might. A full sized Ford Van has lots of room and can tow more than I need, but gets really bad gas mileage and I won't be able to keep it cool on the inside when parked. Or I might give up on the towing idea and drive the Buick into the ground then buy a mini-van.

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