Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Agility Nationals Wrap Up

Apparently some of my fans have been on the edge of their seats to find out how we ended up.  I have more pictures to share, and a detailed account, but I must get to bed, since I am still tired from my all night drive.

In brief, Fancy held onto the third place overall and we made it into the Finals!  One dog from the Challanger's Round also won a spot into the finals, so each prefered jump height had four dogs in the finals.  We had a mistake in the finals (I cannot run clean in finals- 0 for 3 now) and I went back and fixed it.  Then we had another mistake and I just went on.  This gave us a score of 0, so we finished up in 4th place over all.  Yay rescued Tibetan Terrier!  We beat all those border collies, Aussies, goldens and all the other breeds bred to work and run fast.  That is because Fancy is the best!

Pie had a clean run in round 3.  She was super all weekend.  Since ffluffy didn't fix the weaves in round 2, she got a 0 for that round, so her overall ranking was probably pretty low, but I didn't even check.  I'm happy with how fast and smooth she ran.  ffluffy and her both had a great time.

I had to be at work on Monday, so I didn't stay to watch all the finals.  I drove until about 10:45 pm until I couldn't go on, and slept in my car in Coalinga for 3 hrs.  I was still tired, but my start time at work was looming, so I pushed on.  I made it home by 5 am and unpacked just the essentials from the car, and went to bed at 5:30 am.  I got up and went into work an hour later, 8 am, giving me and hour and a half of sleep!  I actually made it through the day ok, and even went to SchH that night.  Good thing too, because they had a cake for us!  Then I stayed late chatting, and ended up staying up late loading some videos, and that caught up to me and I was tired today.  It is now 9 and I am going to go to bed and get lots of sleep tonight.

I'll post more videos and pictures, and write more about the courses and our triumphs and defeats later.

But for now, here is Fancy, the 16 inch Prefered National Champion 4th Place Finalist!  And me.

Taken with ffluffy's phone, with our 4th place Standard Ribbon.
Yummy cake!  It was also for IPO 3 Dottie and IPO 2 Hanky.  Poor Pie is the only 3 Dog Days dog not recognized.

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Urban canines said...

Congratulations on a great Nationals and the cake sure looks yummy!