Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fancy AKC Nationals Videos

It looks like I am quite remiss in sharing these!  I never did get around to writing the entire story of Fancy's nationals, but looking at the "brief" version it looks like I got it covered.  I was quite disappointed in myself at first for not going back to fix our second mistake and therefore getting a score and a pretty ribbon, but due to several pep talks and my own reflections, I've made peace with myself now.  I think for the future the key is to have a "self destruct/ evacuation" plan.  If things don't go as I hope, will I keep fixing everything, or will I bail?  I think my thought process while on course was to just get out of there as quickly as possible, since who knows how many hundreds of pairs of eyes were watching us.  By going back to fix our second mistake, I would have been drawing out the time spent in the ring, for no reason- we were out of the running...  Then it turned out the person I expected to win came away with three (or possibly more!) mistakes.  So it just goes to show you never know what might happen.

But as I said, I'm no longer stewing over it.

First round.  The announcer is not talking about us.

Round 2.  She got 4th place.  At a National Event!!

Round 3- holding on to 3rd place finish overall to get into the finals!

And our Finals Round!

Good girl Fancy.

I never expect, or even had the thought, that this dog:

would do so well in everything I ask of her.  When I took this picture of her in the shelter, I promise you that I was not thinking that some day I'd be in a Livestock Arena in Reno, with it snowing outside, and 100s of people watching as we gave it our best in the Final round at the AKC Nationals.  Who would have thought? 

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