Wednesday, April 4, 2012


To help you pass the time until I blog again.

As it turned out I didn't  get in bed early like I planned.  I was just about to go to bed when I leaned over to pet Pie, and ended up laying down on the couch, and a few seconds later I was asleep.  There is nothing worse than having to get up to go to bed.  Eventually I made it to bed, but I'm still tired, so no long post today.

Hard to get a flattering photo of 2 dogs and 2 people at the same time, especially with a third dog outside the picture and NOT holding a down. (That would be Dottie.) Fancy had 3 clean runs, plus a fourth place and a clean Time to Beat run, and Pie had 2 clean runs plus a clean T2B with ffluffy who ran Pie amazing. I want to be like her when I grow up.  I hate that it always posts pictures taken sideways like this, even though I rotate and save them.  Why does it save the cropping, but not the rotating?

Here is a little tidbit that is not dog related.  A few months ago I got a note from the State Franchise Tax Board saying, "You didn't pay your state taxes last year."  I thought I had, since I had them done at the Navy Base, as always, and it gets taken out (and deposited) electronically.  So I went back to my bank statements, but couldn't find it.  So I sent in the paperwork and a check for $18, which is what I owed.  Today in my PO Box I had another letter saying, "You did not respond to our request, so now you are in trouble, and this is not a bill, but we've drawn up an assessment for you, and we think you owe $300."  Then I opened the second envelope from them that said, "We got your measly $18 but you owe us $19 more due to penalties or maybe just because we say so."  I'm wondering, was the first letter just because they are incompetent, or because they wanted to make me happy to pay $19?  Which, you might notice, is more than I owed to begin with.  If I pay the $19, will they go away, or will they keep leeching me of money for years?
Then to add more bad news to my PO Box, I got a bill from the emergency vet from Dottie's last episode, saying I owed them $70.  I had paid my bill in full at the time of the services, but there was some confusion about the receipt printing the wrong amount.  I have the receipt showing the handwritten correct amount, with the person's initials.  This should be fun to try to explain over the phone. 
The only good news in my PO Box was my new debit card came, so I can stop using the cracked one, and now I'll be able to use the ATM again.  Oh, and a refund of $60 came for the rained out trial.  That is probably about a third of what I paid for 3 dogs for the 1 day that was rained out.  Better than a poke with a sharp stick.  Or annoying letters from the tax board or the e-vet wanting money that I don't owe.

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