Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Hike- Fish Canyon

I've taken so long to post this that is is quickly becoming old news.  I'd better get to it!

I took the day off of showing on Memorial Day and Dad and I and my 3 dogs took a hike.  This is the same hike that just Dottie went on last time.

Due to ticks, foxtails and rattlesnakes, the dogs stayed on leash most of the time, although they did get to run a little.  When Pie and Fancy were on leash, Dottie actually remained off leash since she just trots along right behind me.  No reason to put a leash on her if that is where she stays anyway. 

The weather was very pleasant.  At first it was a bit warm, but as we progressed, a breeze came up and cooled us off.  The dogs were happy when we came to the first creek crossing and had a drink and a swim.

Happily, we did not see any rattlesnakes, but we did see ticks and foxtails.  Despite the tick spray, Fancy had a tick crawling on her after the hike, and I detached one from Pie's neck.  Yuck-o.

Water and rocks or concrete never are a good thing for my dog's pads, and as expected, Pie and Dottie both came back with a worn pad.  Interestingly, Fancy did not.  A day or 2 of rest put them right again.

Off leash time!
On leash.
Refreshing dip.
Dottie poses with a tree with exposed roots.
I pose with my dogs and forgot to tell Dad to not rotate the camera since Blogger doesn't let you rotate photos.
Fancy stood on this rock during our lunch break.  The whole time.
Dottie was eager for something to happen.
The cemented in section, where you used to drive through.
Pie swims.  Very clear water.
Not our truck, but the dogs used it for shade at the end anyway.


Older and Wiser said...

It was a fun hike! Did you know that this area is being targeted to be declared a wilderness zone?

Three Dog Days said...

I think wilderness means no dogs allowed.